Wide range of new wooden flooring products
The passion to serve customers better has made Sapphire Corporation the foremost dealer and supplier of wooden flooring materials to architects, engineers, interior designers, and individuals in Chennai. Sapphire Corporation consistently introduces a wide range of new wooden flooring products that are both novel and trendy. The wooden floorings are available in various colors, styles, finishes, and design, so that it matches with your personal interests and aesthetics.

Best supplier and dealer of wooden flooring components
Wooden floorings from Sapphire Corporation are scratch resistant, stain resistant, and moisture resistant as well. Sapphire Corporation is well known amidst the industry as the best supplier and dealer of wooden flooring components in Chennai and we make every effort to offer quality product for customers. The wooden flooring components are made from Grade AC 4/AC 4+ material under 1400 psi compression with ISO wax technology and besides that its easy click – lock mechanism makes installation much easy.

Hallmark quality Wooden Flooring components
The pre-lacquered surface of the wooden floorings comes with a perfect finish that is durable and long lasting. Customers can choose from a gorgeous collection of wooden floorings that come in natural, stained, brushed, smoked, or grained finish. Sapphire Corporation is the brand name for hallmark quality Wooden Flooring components in Chennai.

Superior quality and reliable service
Apart from adding aesthetic element to the modern home, the wooden floorings from Sapphire Corporation shall incorporate an additional value that ensembles the symbol of success and achievement. The superior quality product craftsmanship, product guarantees, and reliable service entrusts Sapphire Corporation as the best Wooden Flooring component suppliers and dealers in Chennai among customers.
From retail to wholesalers, from an individual buyer to local vendor or agencies, we offer a selection of fine wooden flooring materials and accessories with inventory and deliverability as reliable as the brand itself.
View our wide range of wooden flooring products and create aesthetically decorated designs for your home or office. Reach us to know more about various wooden flooring options available.