Sapphire Corporation is well reckoned for providing quality building material, particularly in providing toughened glass and fittings in Chennai. Known to be the best in supplying toughened glass component and materials to suppliers and dealers in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation caters to both retail and wholesale for agencies.

Benefits of Toughened Glass from Sapphire Corporation

• Toughened glass from Sapphire Corporation is stronger in comparison to annealed glasses
• With its higher thermal strength, toughened glasses can withstand high temperature differential of upto 250°C.
• On the mechanical strength, toughened glass from Sapphire Corporation is five times stronger than annealed glass
• With a tensile strength of 65 MPa and bending strength of 120-200 N/mm2, toughened glasses are ideal for a wide a range of applications
• Enabled with fragmentation, toughened glass shall break into small rounded crystals making it ideal for applications where safety is of topmost priority.

Besides visual appeal, toughened glasses also offer great versatility, durability and style. In addition to that, toughened glasses are highly safe as well.

Applications of Toughened Glass

• Toughened glasses from Sapphire Corporation are used in modern architecture with application including car windscreens, house panes, glass doors, glass table tops, and glass partitions.
• More than that toughened glasses are used in the touch screens of mobile devices.
• Widely used in facades of towers, window glasses in commercial complexes, multi storey buildings and housing complexes.
• Due to its high safety features, toughened glasses are used in frameless glass structures, glass handrails and balustrades
• In applications such as glass lifts, toughened glasses are used for their considerable safety feature

With the extensive range of toughened glass products and fittings available at Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and dealer of toughened glass material in Chennai, customers can select the best toughened glass based on the requirements of the design. Come to us and enjoy the benefit of a wide range of toughened glasses available in one roof, at Sapphire Corporation, the leading distributor and dealer of toughened glasses in Chennai. Application :