Application of waterproof plywood in the world of décor has increased several times due to their outstanding qualities such as durability, stability, versatility, and flexibility in utility.

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Sapphire Corporation offers a wide range of waterproof plywood which enables the designers and architects to explore new designs and extensive varieties in interior décor.

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Features of waterproof plywood from Sapphire Corporation
• Waterproof plywood from Sapphire Corporation is impact-resistant making them ideal for even some of the demanding applications
• The excellent load bearing property of the waterproof plywood from Sapphire Corporation lets architects use them in heavy duty industrial applications
• High stability and resistance to dampness of waterproof plywood from Sapphire Corporation enables installation in some of the internal wet area of residential buildings
• Complete compatibility with any surface finishing like laminates, paints, veneers, wall papers and texture coating offers widest designer options

Committed to our profession, Sapphire Corporation offers cost-effective solution to customers by providing high quality waterproof plywood in Chennai. Qualified team of experts will offer you the best guidance in selecting the right brand of waterproof plywood for your application.