Based on the requirements, the need for various types of sealants arises in the construction industry. Sapphire Corporation offers a wide range of repair/gap filling sealants that are ideal for both residential and commercial sealing purposes. Besides waterproofing, our repair/gap filling sealants are often used in restoration construction purposes as well.
When it comes to sealing a gap or repairing a crack or filling a joint, the most commonly used construction material in the early days was bitumen. But ideally bitumen application had its own drawback and hence gap filling sealants became more popular in the modern construction industry.
Sapphire Corporation offers repair/gap filling sealants that can be used to seal the gaps or cracks between the joints of not just the porous surfaces but the non-porous and glazing surfaces as well. At sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and distributor of repair/gap filling sealants in Chennai, we provide different types of repair/gap filling sealants including silicone sealants, PU sealants, polysulphide sealants and acrylic sealants.

There is a wide range of applications using the repair/gap filling sealants. In most cases, the criteria for application are based upon the type of sealants and the area or surface it is being applied on.
• Polysulphide repair/gap filling sealants are often used in moving joints like concrete slabs, columns, and walls, or to repair the cracks of pipe joints, air-conditioning ducts and cracks.
• Silicon repair/gap filling sealants are easy to apply and are widely used in filling the gaps on the floor, around the door or for fixing the window pane and glasses
• Acrylic repair/gap filling sealants are highly durable and are often used in internal and external application near the door and window area
• Polyurethane repair/gap filling sealants are highly resilient to UV radiation and are commonly used in commercial applications of huge buildings. They are used for floor applications, overhead joint sealing, or in case of plumbing and sanitary ware joints.

Some of the advanced characteristics of repair/gap filling sealants provided by Sapphire Corporation include
• Repair/gap filling sealants supplied by Sapphire Corporation has excellent bonding and adhesion properties
• Shrink free feature of our repair/gap filling sealants makes it ideal for applications in any areas of gaps, cracks, and joints
• Highly resilient to any extreme weather conditions, our repair/gap filling sealants do not wear off even when exposed to the rain or hot sun rays.
• Repair/gap filling sealants from Sapphire Corporation are highly durable and long lasting besides being resistant to UV radiation
• With its faster drying capabilities, repair/gap filling sealants forms a rubber like sealant on the surface it is applied