Sapphire Corporation offer premium range of door furniture hardware in Chennai, with exceptionally high quality hardware accessories from all leading brands. To the customers delight, Sapphire Corporation offers all newly designed glass fitting hardware under one single roof.

Sapphire Corporation offers glass fitting solutions for the most exacting demands in the industry. We offer the best H-type handle especially designed for glass doors. Known among the industry as the leading supplier and dealer of H-type handle in Chennai to wholesalers and individual retailers, Sapphire Corporation serves each and every customer better with innovative products.

Apart from contemporary elegance to the glass door and the interior decor, our H-type handle also adds more functional value to the whole system. At sapphire Corporation, we have the complete set of virtually every innovative design in H-type handle. Coherently, we also have the largest collection of H-type handles manufactured with highest standards and quality. The glass fittings that we offer are color-anodized, powder coated, or anodized in stainless steel finish. You can select from a wide range of glass fitting hardware. In fact, Sapphire Corporation ensures that your home or office gets the best.

Advantages of H-type handle from Sapphire Corporation
• High quality H-type handles from Sapphire Corporation are made with strict standards and procedures
• H-type handles are made for heavy usage and frequent door openings
• Equipped to provide easy installation, H-type handle comes with user manual
• Availability of various sizes that is ideal for the application on glass doors of varying thickness
• Readily available accessories for installing H-type handles on glass doors
• Quality finish enhances the architectural value besides adding more value to the interior
• H-type handles from Sapphire Corporation are simple, easy to fit and install, thereby saving on the time and cost of installation
Irrespective of any type of glass design that is installed, our H-type handle from Sapphire Corporation ensures that your door furniture will get the true contemporary elegance that it deserves. With the variety and range of H-type handles available at Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and dealer of H-type handles in Chennai, everything is possible.