We stock Woodlands and Swastik plywoods. Both are leading quality brands much sought after in the market.

Woodlands :

Plywood at Woodlands go through stringent quality control during manufacturing process of block boards and doors. They guarantee strength and durability. These plywood can withstand all climatic and temperature variations.

>> M.R Grade Commercial Ply
>> Shuttering Plywoods
>> B.W.R Ply
Swastik :

Swastik Plyboard products occupy an in viable position in today's global market and have multifarious applications which are versatile, ready to use and invincible choice for all seasons. Swastik Plyboard has taken upon itself the critical task of satisfying the creative needs of interior designers, architects, carpenters and furniture manufacturers.

>> Mr grade plywood
>> Bwr grade plywood
>> Marine grade plywood
>> Hi - tech plywood
>> Shuttering/ film faced plywood
>> Flexible plywood
>> Bwp & mr grade block boards
>> Flush doors
>> Teak ply and teak board