Construction industry has grown beyond expectations and the elements used in the construction of modern buildings, in both interior as well as exterior, has completely changed in the modern world. Use of glass in the designing of workspace or the entrances to modern building has increased many folds.

This has led to the increased demand for high quality glass fittings that makes the glass structural construction come alive. Besides functionality, these glass fittings are also expected to meet the architectural elegance and blend with the ambience of the interior. Knowing well about the dynamics of the building construction industry, Sapphire Corporation provides the best glass fitting solution to wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers. In fact Sapphire Corporation has become the game changer in the glass architectural designing industry.

Sapphire Corporation plays a big role as the leading supplier and dealer of double connector glass fittings in Chennai. Particularly, Sapphire Corporation has offered our service to numerous clients that we can proudly say that we are part of the dominant glass architectural buildings in Chennai.

Double connector glass fitting from Sapphire Corporation
• Inspired by the elements of nature, double connector glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation are designed to provide a completely artistic look.
• Imparting a distinct character to every minimalistic design, double connector glass fittings are also highly durable
• With special attention paid towards the perfection and precision, double connector glass fittings are easy to install
• Our double connector glass fittings are designed to bear heavy weight load
• Specially designed with an amalgamated finish, double connector glass fittings augment the modern aesthetics and lifestyle of today’s trend

Sapphire Corporation aims to offer a robust and high quality glass fitting product to our customers. Incorporation of strict standards and procedures in procuring the best brand has helped in offering our clients with the best double connector glass fittings. As a leading supplier and dealer of double connector glass fitting components in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation makes a project feasible and viable with a wide range of glass fitting products.