For your home or office, when you are on the lookout for the best range and brand of carpets, just step into Sapphire Corporation in Chennai for a complete delightful experience. From the traditional to modern styles or those comfy carpets, we have the most amazing carpets you have ever seen.
Sapphire Corporation is the best place for commercial carpets, particularly used in high traffic areas such as lobbies, classrooms, office hall way, and health care facilities.
Be it home carpeting or commercial carpeting, carpets are available in both solid lengths or as carpet squares that are easy to install. Sapphire Corporation is the most preferred destination for various brands and ranges when you opt for commercial carpeting for offices, conference rooms, and hotel rooms.
In commercial carpeting space, Sapphire Corporation offers tufted carpeting, woven carpeting, loomed carpeting, or adhesive-backed carpets. They are ideal for high traffic areas, low on maintenance and are easy to clean with routine vacuuming and occasional steaming. Sapphire Corporation offers both retail and wholesale carpets in Chennai.

Range of carpets available at Sapphire Corporation:
• Loop carpets or Berber carpets that are resilient to wear & tear due to heavy traffic marks from walking or vacuuming, come with uncut loops. Highly stain-resistant, these carpets from Sapphire Corporation are made of natural-tone fibers and are available in different sizes.
• Multi-level loop carpets come with different heights of loops, to create different textures and patterns. Softer and more luxuriant, these carpets are ideal for lower traffic areas, especially living areas.
• Saxony carpets comes with firmly twisting tufts of heavy yarn that are then softened with heat to create very soft, supple, and textured look. Versatile and durable, they are ideal for commercial places or high traffic areas at home.
• Cable carpets, very soft and thick, are made up of thick, twisted yarns. They are ideal for family rooms or living rooms. • Plush carpets also called as smooth-finished Saxony carpets are made of same length tufts of yarn. Ideal for any formal settings, they offer a trendy look to the interior.
• Velvet carpet, also known as lush carpet or smooth carpet, are made from cut turfs. They are ideal for most formal settings
• Pattern carpets are crafted with distinguished pattern making it the most elegant for any décor.

Apart from various sizes, these carpets are also available in a wide range of brands at Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and dealer of high quality carpets in Chennai.
As a leading supplier and dealer of carpets in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation, our single-minded objective is to build long and profound relationship with customers.