Sapphire Corporation is the leading supplier and distributor of sealant guns in Chennai. We provide you high quality sealant guns that offer hassle-free installation so that you can be rest assured of your project completion in time and with ease.

Meet customer’s expectations
At Sapphire Corporation, our core key to successful business over years has been in meeting the customer’s expectations always without compromising on the quality and standards. And so, we are choosy in taking up a brand into our huge inventory. This stringent measure at our end has rewarded us with greater benefits and it also enables us to deliver the best branded sealant guns in Chennai.

Leading brands of sealant guns in Chennai
Sealant guns supplied by Sapphire Corporation have been used in iconic landmark constructions by the leading construction builders and contractors. Sapphire Corporation being the best supplier and dealer of leading brands of sealant guns in Chennai caters to both commercial and individual customers. In fact, we supply sealant guns to dealers and retail customers from a minimum to large volume within a stipulated time.

Expert time management system & excellent logistic capabilities
Sapphire Corporation has the facility to proudly say that we can deliver desired brand and quantity of sealant guns anywhere in Chennai on the same day. With our expert time management system that goes hand in hand with our excellent logistic capabilities has made us achieve this same day delivery.
Sapphire Corporation perfectly understands that the construction industry has always been a price-driven market and hence to stay ahead of the competition, Sapphire Corporation offers sealant guns at competitive prices
There are many different nozzle designs on the sealant cartridges. At Sapphire Corporation our team of experts will guide you in choosing the best sealant gun which is ideal for your project purpose.
At Sapphire Corporation, it is much easier to select the desired sealant gun that is appropriate for your application. Visit us to take a look at the various types of sealant and sealant guns available.