One of the important concepts in modern construction is roof waterproofing and choosing the right roof waterproofing chemical will make a huge difference. Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and distributor of roof waterproofing chemicals in Chennai, offers a one-stop solution to all your waterproofing needs.

Roof waterproofing has now become more of a necessity rather than an extravaganza. Good construction practice from the early stage of construction offers the best rewards in terms of longer life-span of the building. Particularly, where roofing is considered, it is very important to use high quality roof waterproofing material to ensure non-seepage of water into your building.

Salient features of roof waterproofing chemicals from Sapphire Corporation
• Roof waterproofing chemicals from Sapphire Corporation are based on acrylic and silicone polymers
• Offers a complete waterproof support for your roofing system with anti-leakage protection
• Provides a perfect solar insulation and brings down the temperature inside the building
• Besides high tensile strength, our roof waterproofing chemicals also comes with tear-resistant property making it ideal for heavy traffic
• Excellent adhesive property of our roof waterproofing chemicals offers increased bonding strength with cement substrate
• Perfectly resistant to algae and fungal growth, our roof waterproofing chemicals helps to increase the lifespan of the building
• Non-toxic and breathable, our roof waterproofing chemicals offers a fine finishing for roofs
• Convenient to use, roof waterproofing chemicals from Sapphire Corporation are simple and easy to apply with just a brush or roller

Sapphire Corporation offers the complete waterproofing solutions for your buildings, be it residential or commercial buildings. From sheet membrane waterproofing to liquid membrane waterproofing, Sapphire Corporation offers all roof waterproofing solution under one roof. Sapphire Corporation recommends you to consult with our experts who are more than willing to guide you in deciding on the best roof waterproofing chemical for your building. More than that, Sapphire Corporation also provides instant or same day delivery of roof waterproofing chemicals in Chennai.