Sapphire Corporation brings the best glass fittings that come with the versatility of form and sophistication apart from an overall enduring finish. With in-depth knowledge of the distinctive properties of glass fitting hardware, Sapphire Corporation knows well about your requirements in glass fittings.

Time-tested Glass fitting hardware
Through a combination of mechanically improvised hardware and architecturally designed glass fitting accessories, Sapphire Corporation ensures that your living space gets enlivened. Glass fitting hardware that we supply is time-tested with performance besides adding elegance to the whole interior settings. Unique design and excellent functionality
D-type handles are very common in Glass fitting hardware, especially for glass door settings. Various designer handles and fittings are available in the industry, each one promising more than the other. But D-type handles from Sapphire Corporation are unique not only in design but also in their functionality. Sapphire Corporation has the largest collection of D-type handles as the leading supplier and dealer of D-type handles in Chennai.

With the increased usage of tempered glass doors in commercial and residential buildings, the need for creatively designed handles had also increased many folds. Offering some of the most compelling design concepts in glass fittings, Sapphire Corporation imparts luxury and royal look to the interior.

Apart from adding an appeal to the eye in corporate offices, D-type handles from Sapphire Corporation have also made their way in household applications.

At Sapphire Corporation, we ensure that the best quality D-type handles are provided. For this reason, we meticulously select the brand and manufacturers that we select. Again, to ensure quality, we continuously evaluate the D-type handles before delivering them to customers. Our customer service team consists of industry experts and domain specialists who knows well about the different options available for your project and will suggest the best based on your requirement.