Sapphire Corporation offers revolutionary product for water proofing the bathroom and shower area. In fact, Sapphire Corporation is trusted by engineers and construction contractors for years as the best supplier and dealer of bathroom water proofing chemicals in Chennai. Whether it is your old bathroom or new bathroom being constructed, Sapphire Corporation has the complete bathroom waterproofing solution. Construction of efficient water-proofed bathrooms in the initial construction stages by using our bathroom water proofing chemical can actually save you more costs. And more than that, it helps to prevent the dampness and moisture from affecting other areas of the building and to reduce the damages caused by the wetness.

Reasons behind the leakage of water in the bathroom • Improper structural joint due to poor quality of materials used or inappropriate application during installation
• Porous concrete walls due to improper construction or inadequate mixing of water proofing chemicals used while constructing bathroom
• Subsequent damage of bathroom tiles due to years of usage or cracks in the tiles due to poor construction practices
• Prolonged dampness in the bathroom combined with poor ventilation can cause the bathroom walls and floor to become damp and wet
• Poor plumbing work can cause gaps at the junction through with water penetrates and dampens the bathroom wall Bathroom water proofing chemicals from Sapphire Corporation • Sapphire Corporation offers the perfect reinforcement solution for your bathroom
• Acrylic-based elastomeric water proofing chemical comes with fast setting, which is ideal for bathroom tiles or concrete and brickwork
• Our bathroom water proofing chemicals are ideal for filling construction joints and cracks in the bathroom floor and walls
• Resistant to water, heat and frost, our bathroom water proofing chemicals offer instant waterproofing solution
• Apart from easy installation, bathroom water proofing chemicals from Sapphire Corporation is also resistant to detergents, oils, and domestic washing chemicals

Whether you are repairing a leaking bathroom or you are in the process of constructing a new one, come to us for the best bathroom waterproofing solution. Sapphire Corporation offers the best-in-class bathroom waterproofing chemicals in Chennai, where you can find the best choice for your requirement.