In case of car park waterproofing, additional care should be taken not only to prevent the ingress of water but also to prevent the surface from skidding. Durability of the car parking surface, its anti-skid property and the capability to withstand heavy vehicular traffic should also be considered while constructing. This is the reason Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and distributor of car park waterproofing chemicals in Chennai, provides high quality materials for waterproofing.

Our car park waterproofing chemicals are manufactured from high quality material and are subjected to rigorous treatment to ensure the durability and long-term usability. Apart from providing an excellent waterproofing solution for your car parking area, it also strengthens the car park area that is often exposed to heavy traffic loading.

Whether it is high rise commercial car parking or underground car parking in flats and residential buildings, Sapphire Corporation has the perfect solution for waterproofing the car parking area. With years of supplying and distributing car park waterproofing chemicals to dealers, wholesalers and individual retail customers in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation knows the best and would suggest the right solution for waterproofing the car parking area.

Salient features of car park waterproofing chemicals from Sapphire Corporation • Simple application using roller or spray methodology
• Forms a seamless membrane covering the surface without any joints
• Faster installation due to rapid curative property
• Highly resistant to water penetration, heat or frost
• Offers a complete anti-slip surface that is ideal for vehicular traffic
• Excellent thermal insulation besides weather and UV resistive property
• Instant adhesion to any surface enables fast track application
• Availability of various colors makes it ideal for wide range of applications

You can rely on our customer service representatives for deciding on the best car park waterproofing chemicals that will suit your requirements. Sapphire Corporation has a huge inventory of car park waterproofing chemicals and offers the same day delivery to anywhere in Chennai.