Flooring solution, be it vinyl, carpet, wooden, or grass is more than the planks or material that you walk on. To be precise, it is more a complete home decor solution. This is the reason Sapphire Corporation offers a full line of matching accessories for your flooring solution.
As the leading flooring accessories distributor and dealer in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation offers wallbases, mouldings, multi-functional underlays and other underfloor solutions for a trouble-free installation and maintenance.
From the installation tools to that of the matching skirting boards, underlay, flooring care products or other flooring accessories, Sapphire Corporation has got it all under one roof. We offer both retail and wholesale to both individual and retail customers.
Our optimally coordinated flooring accessories
• We offer a wide range of underlay that provides an effective impact sound insulation and ensures warmth to your floorings. In addition, we also provide products that are used for care and repair purposes.
• Wide range of flooring accessories like wall finishes, tidy transitions around doors, skirting boards and floor profiles, etc.
• Specially designed skirting boards and floor profiles for wet areas offer the maximum functionality and durability without compensating on the appealing look. Sapphire Corporation also provides integrated rubber seal fills that fills the gap between the skirting and the flooring, providing a tight water-proof sealing.
• We also provide skirting boards for neat finishes that matches with every flooring décor. Paintable skirting board enables customizing to your flooring needs
• Beading profiles for wall endings comes with adhesive strip on the reverse for a quick and easy fitting
• Corner elements ensure perfect transitions and endings. Our range of external and internal corners together with the end pieces and connecting pieces will make your flooring complete.
• Fastening clip ideal for various sizes of skirting boards is designed with simple push & press mechanism for easy installation
• Sapphire Corporation offers a range of floor profiles for flawless transitions. Besides creating neat finishes and transitions, our floor profiles are also crafted with impact-resistant endings and increased stability for long lasting utility.
o Aluminium end profile that is ideal for providing a neat ending to walls and doors
o Aluminium transition profile for joint expansion between the floor coverings
o Aluminium adjustment profile for adjusting level height differences in laminate or carpet flooring
o 2-in-1 Aluminium floor profile for both height adjustments and transitions
o HDF floor profiles that perfectly matches with the wooden floorings

Expert design associates at Sapphire Corporation
Flooring accessories comes in an almost endless range of components that makes it little confusing to determine the exact tools or accessory that is right for your flooring. Expert design associates at Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and dealer of flooring accessories component in Chennai, will help you choose the best flooring accessories option available for your flooring need and desired budget.