Belgium Glass

We offer original Belgium technology glass which we are able to cut to size and process to your requirements. The Glaverbel brand glass is manufactured with original Belgium technology. We stock reflecting and tinted glass.

Today's technology means glass can provide protection from heat, cold, noise, fire, injury and more. Multiple functions can even be combined in one and the same glazing. They are also used in interior and exterior applications, e.g. doors, partitions, wall coverings, tables, roofs, windows and more.

Application :

External appearance Hygiene Hygiene
Design and Architecture, Georgian Bars, Privacy, Spandrels Antibacterial Glass Acoustic, Thermal
Interior design Safety and Security Solar control
Colors, Geometric and figurative designs, Mirrors, Privacy, Safety, Transparency Bulletproof, Explosion-proof, Fire-resistant, Protection of goods, Protection of persons Solar control 
Light, transparency