Sapphire Corporation supplies and distributes branded glass fitting components in Chennai with a market presence of many years. Offering a complete set of all hardware components used in the installation of tempered glass doors, shower partition systems, and door closers, Sapphire Corporation offers the best patch lock with sleek designs.

Patch lock from Sapphire Corporation are widely acclaimed as the more creative and innovative design. Besides that, our patch lock is well known for the functional excellence too. With an impeccable performance and longer functional life, patch lock from Sapphire Corporation ensures high frequency usages and long lasting durability.

Each patch lock is manufactured with compliance to industrial norms and guidelines to ensure that they perform well even under heavy stress conditions. Made from high quality raw material using the latest technology, our time-tested patch lock can bear overweight too.

Features of patch lock from Sapphire Corporation
• Sturdy and reliable, patch locks from Sapphire Corporation showcases engineer’s perfection and designer’s masterpiece
• Offers a trouble free installation with simple patented design
• Patch locks from Sapphire Corporation were made to outperform your expectations with operational and functional excellence
• A truly enriched product for versatile applications on a global scale

Sapphire Corporation has evolved over the years to become the leading supplier and dealer of patch lock in Chennai. Sapphire Corporation is known in the construction industry as the leading provider of building hardware and glass fitting components to architects, engineers, developers and designers who are engaged in the construction of designer space.

Recognized as the leading supplier and dealer of branded patch lock glass fittings in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation always strives to deliver the best in the industry within the stipulated time.