Grass flooring can be both elegant and inviting, be it in the entrance of your home or the lawn. Grass rolls make it easier to install. Sapphire Corporation specializes in offering the best grass rolls that shall capture the elegant architectural detail and beautiful spaces of any decorative setting.

Landscaping with grass floor
Grass flooring provides a creative way to build more elegant spaces around you, particularly for landscaping in offices, balconies, terraces, garden, and hotels. And to build them with grass rolls is easier when you buy them at Sapphire Corporation. We offer the complete flooring solution that lets you innovate your space without much effort.
At Sapphire Corporation, grass rolls are not just a decorative element, but they are exemplified by their beauty and texture. We have the right choice of grass rolls that not only reflect your ideas but elevate the level of beauty in the areas it is installed. Leading supplier and dealer of branded grass rolls in Chennai
As the leading supplier and dealer of branded grass rolls in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation always provides quality materials that stay fresh and new without any discoloration even when subjected to high intensity sunlight. Our grass rolls are made from the best quality raw material so that they withstand strong UV radiation or any other extreme condition.

Sapphire Corporation caters to the need of grass rolls in various sectors
• Our grass rolls are specifically designed for commercial utility as artificial grass flooring in hockey arena soccer stadiums, tennis court, cricket practice pitch or other sports arena.
• In residential applications, our grass rolls are widely used in balconies, indoor gardens, rooftop gardens, courtyards, atriums, jogging tracks, and children play areas.
• Architects and construction companies utilize our high quality grass roll for landscaping in domestic areas like residential houses and villas, holiday homes, or farm houses. Landscaping in commercial projects includes areas like building, roof top gardens, hotels and commercial complexes.
• High quality commercial grass rolls from Sapphire Corporation is also used in housing development, public utilities, shopping complexes, children parks, airports, public pathways, business houses and shopping arcades.

Every customer service executive at Sapphire Corporation is talented, visionary, detail-oriented and attentive to serve the customers better and offer the best grass rolls to their liking.