Injection foams are used to insulate home both from the inside or the outside. In case of brick exteriors or in wood settings, injection foams are easy to use. One of the greatest advantages of injection foam is its usage without destructing the existing walls and floors.

Contributing to the energy savings, residential comfort and safety of the interiors, injection foams also offer thermal and acoustic insulation to the walls of the building. Sapphire Corporation is a pioneer in supplier and dealer of injection foam components in Chennai, offering a wide range of insulation and waterproofing chemicals to wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers.
Injection foam as Thermal insulator
Injection foam helps to form a perfect cellular layer within the walls or floor to provide the perfect thermal insulation for your building. Easy to install or apply, injection foam can be
Injection foam as Acoustic insulator
At Sapphire Corporation, we know the value of sound-proof rooms and hence we provide the best quality injection foam that insulates your room or building from external sound. It also dampens the sound vibration, thereby offering a peaceful environment inside Injection foam for waterproofing
Acting as a water impervious membrane, injection foam from Sapphire Corporation provides the perfect solution for waterproofing. As a leader supplier and dealer of various branded injection foam material in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation is the destination for waterproofing solutions as well.
Injection foam as fire insulator
Unique property of injection foam from Sapphire Corporation makes it fire proof, which once again imparts a great differential advantage to your building in terms of fire safety and protection.
Injection foam for sustained utility
High mechanical resistance to most harmful chemicals and solvents makes injection foam the perfect choice for insulating the walls or floors of buildings. Apart from this injection foam from Sapphire Corporation is also resistant to root penetration and mildew formation.

Sapphire Corporation has been offering building insulation solution for construction industry with years of expertise as leading supplier and dealer of injection foam chemicals in Chennai. Visit us for your requirement of insulation or waterproofing chemicals.