Quality supplier of wooden flooring planks
At Sapphire Corporation, we strive to be a quality supplier of wooden flooring planks, while also vouching for an environmentally safe and quality product. We continue to focus on providing wooden flooring planks that are of high level durability, reliability, low maintenance and economical as well.
Since the start of the wooden flooring industry, Sapphire Corporation has arguably become best Wooden Flooring Plank component suppliers and dealers in Chennai for years now. In fact, Sapphire Corp is a major force in supplying Wooden Flooring Plank material to both retail and wholesale agencies. Wide range of wooden flooring plank
Embracing the latest trend in the industry, our wide range of wooden flooring planks are sourced with great care so as to provide the customer with not only innovative but high quality products. Sapphire Corporation offers a wide range of wooden flooring plank from reclaimed hardwood floorings, traditional plank floorings, or some of the new signature collections. You simply name it and we have got it for you – the wooden flooring plank that you desire

Long-term reliability and trust
Each and every wooden flooring plank supplied by us is exclusively selected by hand, rigorously inspected, and then delivered to customers, dealers, suppliers and vendors in Chennai and other areas to ensure our long-term reliability and trust. Team members and customer support executives at Sapphire Corporation are specially trained to provide the best service for the customers according to their need.

Just a call away to reach us
Sapphire Corporation supplies wooden flooring plank materials in retail and wholesale for agencies. Visit us for the best quality wooden flooring plank in Chennai, or you are just call us to find the best wooden flooring plank that might be the best for your interior, be it home or office.
At Sapphire Corporation, we add an exceptional value to the complete flooring system by providing the best quality wooden flooring planks. Sapphire Corporation offers flooring planks of outstanding quality for easy installation and that too with a professional look. Come to our office to look into the various options available and get the best suggestion from our expert customer care executive.