Sapphire Corporation is known as the best supplier and dealer of branded reflective glasses in Chennai. Our customers include engineers, architects, building designers and individual clients who has always appreciated us for our high quality product and dedicated customer service.
One of the added advantages of using reflective glasses in the modern architecture is that of heat reduction besides adding an aesthetic value to the décor. On the other side, buying reflective glasses from Sapphire Corporation has more added benefits
Reflective glasses from Sapphire Corporation
• Sapphire Corporation offers high quality reflective glasses that are ideal for various commercial applications
• Our reflective glasses help to achieve improved solar performance values, thereby minimizing the heat radiation inside the building
• Enabled with selective reflective coating on the inboard side or on the outboard side as desired, our reflective glasses can be used in exterior as well as interior designing
• Availability of a wide range of color-enriched, reflective glasses for various types of applications
• Best customer support while deciding suitable reflective glasses for your project and post-sales support for guidance and installation
• Huge inventory of reflective glasses in various leading brands of high quality
• As a dealer and supplier of reflective glasses, Sapphire Corporation offers instant delivery to anywhere in Chennai

With the perfect combination of modern technology and exquisite design elements of using reflective glasses, create an awe-inspiring living world around you. Sapphire Corporation helps in bringing this dream come true by providing high quality reflective glass products. We offer customized sizes according to the specifications of the architect or engineer.
Besides offering a complete protection from the harmful rays of the sun, reflective glasses are also ideal to post a bold appearance to your building with its completely reflecting, mirror-like, metallic surface.
At Sapphire Corporation, each and every reflective glass has a unique feature. Get inspired from the wide range of reflective glasses available at Sapphire Corporation and create a vibrant living space around you.