Sapphire Corporation offers the best DGU glass in Chennai to both wholesalers and retail individuals. Commonly known as double glazing units, DGU glasses are made of two panes of glass that are filled with gas in between.
As a pioneer in the field of designing home interior and commercial applications Sapphire Corporation has offered a complete product solution for retailers and individuals. We offer a wide range of DGU glasses that includes thermal DGU glasses, Acoustic DGU glasses, and low-clean DGU glasses.
Thermal DGU glasses insulates your home or building interior from heat, while acoustic DGU glasses are used in acoustic audio recording rooms or private cabins in office interior to reduce the noise. On the other hand, low-clean DGU glasses are ideally used in external fabrication of buildings, since they are easy to clean and are resistant to pollutants, bird fouling, and other hard particles carried over in the air. Application of low-clean DGU glasses include overhead canopy in buildings, windows, balconies and patio doors of houses or commercial buildings, conservatories, and glass rooms.

Advantages of DGU glass: • DGU glasses are specially designed to insulate the interior from heat and radiation.
• High on efficiency, DGU glasses provide complete shading to your home or building
• DGU glasses let more light in while reducing the amount heat passing through
• High on aesthetics, DGU glasses are widely used in architectural decorative elements besides heat protection Applications of DGU glass:
• Modern building and construction industry has a lot of application using DGU glasses.
• From the sky lights to canopies, DGU glasses are used in roof, interior partition walls or staircases.
• Best in insulation, DGU glasses are used in construction to minimize the energy loss and increase the cooling effect
• Building and construction industry utilizes DGU glasses in facades, windows, and doors
• DGU glasses are also used in audio rooms due to their great acoustic insulation feature. They are used to reduce the noise pollution in rooms considerably

Experts at Sapphire Corporation can help you in deciding the best DGU glasses suitable for your building or project. Our knowledgeable assessment on DGU glasses enables you to take the right design decisions in the initial planning stage itself before installation.
As a leading supplier and dealer of DGU glasses in Chennai Sapphire Corporation have a wide range of DGUs in stock and can supply customized sizes of DGU glasses according to your specifications instantly.