Sapphire Corporation is the leader in providing architectural glass that is used for domestic and commercial purposes. More often used in commercial windows, tinted glasses with reflective coating reduces the glare while consistently lighting the room inside. Tinted glasses with low E-coating can offer great benefits with superior performance.

Nowadays, modern buildings are facilitated with tinted glass that comes with heat absorbing property to effectively reduce the heat inside the room. Our body tinted glasses absorbs energy from solar radiation to a great extent and thereby helping to keep the building cool. Apart from adding great appeal, tinted glasses bring a comfortable warmth and feel to your home. Sapphire Corporation, a pioneer in the supply of tinted glass materials in Chennai, provides tinted glasses that have higher visible transmittance which enables more lighting inside the room without compensating on the solar radiation. Sapphire Corporation offers a wide choice of tinted glass that meets the customer’s needs. As the leading supplier and dealer of branded tinted glasses in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation offers tinted glasses in bronze, blue/green, blue dark gray, gray and green color, besides the non-standard colors of imported tinted glasses.

Uses of Tinted glasses
• With its heat absorbing nature of almost absorbing 40-50% of the heat incident on the surface, tinted glasses are often used to control the heat inside a building
• Besides their solar control properties, tinted glasses are used in interior applications, particularly in interior designing, furniture, and fittings.
• Availability of wide range of tints or colors enables tinted glasses to be used as architectural elements besides using them to block sunlight
• Single or double-glazed tinted glasses are also commonly used in some of the other external applications of building elevation and designing
• Tinted glasses also prevent the entry of harmful ultraviolet rays, thereby helping to achieve the perfect green house building.
• Ideal for energy saving, tinted glasses brings down your electricity bills by reducing the cooling-load on the air-conditioning system

Sapphire Corporation is the one-stop solution for your tinted glass applications. We have the widest range of all branded tinted glasses, that too in all available shades. Our largest inventory of tinted glasses makes it easy for engineers and architects to get the desired tinted glasses for their buildings.
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