Sapphire Corporation specializes in offering the complete solution required in the construction of interiors. By providing the best glass fitting components in the industry, we ensure that your dream world comes alive in reality. With every choice of glass fitting components available at Sapphire Corporation, you can comfortably plan your custom design and install it with ease.

At Sapphire Corporation, we create better standards of living by transforming the living space into a modern artistic environment that is crafted with a blend of human touch and innovative technology. Every brand of glass fitting product that we supply and distribute in Chennai to wholesalers or retailer customers comes under our rigorous scrutiny of quality and standards. Thus, we make sure that customers are delighted and stay connected with us on a long term goal.

Bottom pivot from Sapphire Corporation
• Easily accommodates all glass doors of different thicknesses
• Specially designed bottom pivots for better durability and long lasting lifespan
• Available in elegant cover plate finishing, bottom pivots from Sapphire Corporation emanates architectural beauty
• Bottom pivots from Sapphire Corporation can be easily mounted to the concrete floor directly
• Easy assembly sets along with the product manual for fitting helps in easy installation
• Equipped with a fully adjustable system, it is easy to align and adjust the glass door while installation

Beautifully designed entrances with full sized glass doors can give a glamorous look and aesthetic appeal to your home or office. Further attributes of some interesting glass fittings that are architectural and functional as well can indeed enhance the appearance. Sapphire Corporation helps in identifying the best bottom pivot that might be appropriate for your project. As a leading supplier and dealer of bottom pivots in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation has been offering its support to architects and interior decorators in glass fitting solutions by providing the best glass fitting components.

We welcome you to visit our huge repository of various brands and designs of bottom pivots while our customer service representatives will help you choose the optimal bottom pivots that will suit your requirements. Besides that, we provide same day delivery to anywhere in Chennai.