Various brands of vinyl flooring planks
Vinyl flooring plank is the best way to experiment with your favorite design and especially with a wooden flooring look. And to get the best, Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and dealer of various brands of vinyl flooring planks in Chennai, is the right choice to start with inquiring for your requirements. Competitive pricing
As an architect or engineer, when you require large quantity for commercial purposes, and that too at a competitive pricing, you need to look no further than Sapphire Corporation. We also cater to individual household purchase of vinyl flooring plank components for retail sales or wholesale for agencies. Highly stain-resistant and scratch proof The vinyl flooring plank option combines the best of both the natural warm look of wood and the durability of the uniform vinyl finish for the floor. More than that, it is highly stain-resistant and scratch proof, making it ideal for even heavy traffic areas. International standards Certified to meet the international standards, Sapphire Corporation makes sure that the brands of vinyl flooring planks are of high quality. Easy to install, the vinyl flooring planks bestows a look and feel of reclaimed hardwood floors with natural traditional plank flooring. Buy Vinyl flooring planks at Sapphire Corporation • Sapphire Corporation supplies commercial vinyl flooring planks that are both stylish and easy to clean. • Availability of various sizes makes it easy to install for even large commercial applications. • Our commercial grade sheet vinyl flooring planks reduces the cost of flooring than other conventional methods • Wide range of patterns comprising of both homogeneous and heterogeneous designs Apart from imparting a modern touch of desire into the otherwise dull interior, the vinyl flooring plank evokes a feeling of specially designed craftsmanship and sturdiness to the serene atmosphere. At Sapphire Corporation, one of the leading dealers and suppliers of vinyl flooring planks in Chennai, we have varieties of vinyl flooring planks ranging from smooth vinyl flooring to no-wax vinyl flooring or specially designed urethane-coated vinyl flooring.