Walls and floors of a swimming pool has to be specially constructed keeping in mind about various factors that influence proper construction. Concrete walls made of hollow block or bricks can become porous to water due to heavy hydrostatic pressure or other elements present in water. A complete waterproofing system is needed to make your swimming pool impervious to water leakage. Swimming pool waterproofing chemicals are mixed along with the concrete while constructing swimming pool to reduce the leakage of water. Various solutions are available for waterproofing of swimming pool and some of them involve post-construction waterproofing.

Crystalline capillary waterproofing
Preferably used during the construction of swimming pool, crystalline capillary waterproofing method involves a constituent mixture of swimming pool waterproofing chemicals, high quality silica, and cement. Upon reacting with water, this mixture forms crystalline structure that completely arrests the ingress of water into the walls or floors of the swimming pool.

Construction procedure during the designing phase of the swimming pool varies according to the structural joints, pipe works, light fittings, and water circulation devices that are involved. As a leading supplier and distributor of swimming pool waterproofing chemicals in Chennai to various dealers and individual retail customers, Sapphire Corporation knows the best solution and guides you through construction of a complete waterproof swimming pool.

Polymer coating and sheet membrane waterproofing
Different swimming pool waterproofing chemicals are used in case of hard water or salt water. Sapphire Corporation offers both polymer coating waterproofing solution and sheet membrane waterproofing solution. Known in Chennai as the leading supplier and distributor of swimming pool chemicals, Sapphire Corporation has the best solution for every waterproofing problem.
One of the challenging aspects of swimming pool construction is its waterproofing system. Sapphire Corporation is the best in providing the perfect waterproofing solution in swimming pool construction. In fact, as the leading supplier and distributor of swimming pool waterproofing chemicals in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation can proudly say that they have played a major role in the construction of numerous swimming pools in Chennai.

At Sapphire Corporation, we ensure that highest standards and compliance are met in each and every waterproofing material that we supply. With a highly qualified team of experts at Sapphire Corporation who possess rich experience in delivering swimming pool waterproofing solutions will provide you high quality swimming waterproofing chemicals in line with your expectations.