Sapphire Corporation offers the complete solution for glass fittings in interior or exterior decors of individual homes or corporate buildings. We offer various glass concepts for commercial glass partitions, or exterior glazing. There are a plenty of design options and functional excellent hardware options available in the market. The need to select the right fitting solution ideal for the desired application will depend on the wide variety of choices available. Sapphire Corporation is the only destination to offer you the wide range of glass fittings.

Sapphire Corporation caters to the need of architects, builders, corporate and individual retail customers with high quality glass installation products. As the leading supplier and dealer of single glass connector in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation provides the right glass fitting solution.

Glass fittings help in achieving integrated interior or exterior glass concepts. Single connector glass fittings support the glass during the structural fabrication besides adding strength to the custom-made designs of glass concepts.

Complimenting modern lifestyle, single connector glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation reflects the elegant design and cozy atmosphere of the interior. Offering a distinctive style quotient and a designer accent, single connector glass fittings represents the dynamism of the glass architecture.

Single connector glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation meet the demand of glass fixtures

• Single connector glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation comes with superior quality besides surprising with best architectural designs
• Excellent functional grade material is used in the crafting of the single connector glass fittings
• Single connector glass fittings from Sapphire Corporation allow designers and architects to tailor their glass architecture according to their desire
• Apart from functional excellence, single connector glass fittings comes with great mechanical performance, making them more reliable
• Corrosion resistance property of our single connector glass fittings adds more value to the interior apart from offering longer lifespan and durability

Sapphire Corporation is appreciated by customers as the leading glass architectural hardware solution provider in Chennai. We offer one-stop solution for all glass fittings under one roof. Visit us to know more about the various glass fitting components and options available. Our expert team will guide through the process of selecting the right glass fitting component.