Belgium Glass

We offer original Belgium technology glass which we are able to cut to size and process to your requirements. The Glaverbel brand glass is manufactured with original Belgium technology. We stock reflecting and tinted glass.

Today's technology means glass can provide protection from heat, cold, noise, fire, injury and more. Multiple functions can even be combined in one and the same glazing. They are also used in interior and exterior applications, e.g. doors, partitions, wall coverings, tables, roofs, windows and more.

Sapphire Corporation is engaged in the supply of all sorts of building and construction materials in Chennai. We acquired the name as one of the best Saint Gobain glass suppliers in Chennai through our dedicated efforts and client relationship. The search for high quality Saint Gobain glass in Chennai ends at Sapphire Corporation, the top Saint Gobain glass dealer in Chennai. With the supply of every range of Saint Gobain glass available with us, clients are very happy to have all the glass under one roof.

Sapphire Corporation offers all flat kinds of Saint Gobain glass including that of floatglass, reflective glass, figured glass, and mirrors. Apart from the toughened glass, interior glass, and door glass etc., we have shower enclosures and glass hardware as well.

Advent of the modern era has brought a dramatic change in the interior décor, that too particularly in the domestic and corporate sector. With the glass being used primarily in every construction and building industry, the need for a high quality glass has indeed become the need of the hour. Sapphire Corporation, through the years of experience in the sale of building and construction material certainly knows the value of high quality goods and hence hadassociated with the world famous glass manufacturing company, Saint Gobain glass as one of the prime Saint Gobain glass dealers in Chennai.

Globally known for the finest quality of glass ever made, Saint Gobain glass has indeed reached into the heart of everyone. Sapphire Corporation, by becoming a stalwart Saint Gobain glass dealer in Chennai, has earned the best reputation among customers. Sapphire Corporation makes sure that at every step during the business process, customer satisfaction is held high and the deliverables are achieved without any compromise on the quality.

One of the greatest reasons in attaining the top among so many Saint Gobain glass suppliers in Chennai is that Sapphire Corporation supplies Saint Gobain glass to every part of the Chennai city within a short time.

By providing one stop solution for all the glass related requirements, Sapphire Corporation has helped architects and customers in building their dream homes and interiors to relive with vibrancy. Besides the competitive pricing, Sapphire Corporation has the advantage of providing the wide range of Saint Gobain glass to desired shapes and quantity for the customers.

Not just the constructors and builders of domestic buildings,multinational companies, and commercial complexes, but the interior designers and architects of the high rise buildings and modern interiors come to us for Saint Gobain glass in Chennai. Customers considering to buy Saint Gobain glass in Chennai can go no further than Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier of Saint Gobain glass.

Application :

External appearance Hygiene Hygiene
Design and Architecture, Georgian Bars, Privacy, Spandrels Antibacterial Glass Acoustic, Thermal
Interior design Safety and Security Solar control
Colors, Geometric and figurative designs, Mirrors, Privacy, Safety, Transparency Bulletproof, Explosion-proof, Fire-resistant, Protection of goods, Protection of persons Solar control 
Light, transparency