We offer original Belgium technology glass which we are able to cut to size and process to your requirements. The Glaverbel brand glass is manufactured with original Belgium technology. We stock reflecting and tinted glass.

Today's technology means glass can provide protection from heat, cold, noise, fire, injury and more. Multiple functions can even be combined in one and the same glazing. They are also used in interior and exterior applications, e.g. doors, partitions, wall coverings, tables, roofs, windows and more.

Sapphire Corporation offers all the Glass Fitting hardware products that are used in moving frameless glass to that of any door control devices. Sapphire Corporation is the leading Renox Products suppliers in Chennai. When it comes to glass fitting, Sapphire Corporation is the most preferred destination customers can approach. Sapphire Corporation is highly competitive to provide high quality glass fitting products at a very competitive pricing.

Rinox is the brand leader in the glass fitting hardware products and is renowned for Stainless Steel Architectural Hardware. With exports to European and American continents, Rinox has carved a unique name in India and abroad. Rinox products are subjected to International Standards and Certifications before being offered to the Renox Products dealers.

The glass doors and walls bestow an aesthetic appeal, while the Renox glass fitting products endow architectural concepts to the transparent elegance of the glass. Sapphire Corporation offers the most advanced and sophisticated glass fittings from Rinox that is a blend of functionality and design. Offering a diverse range of hardware options, Sapphire Corporation, dealer of Renox Products ensures that the customers are getting benefitted.

Sapphire Corporation offers a wide range of Renox Products in Chennai. We have all the requirements under one roof, right from the spider fitting, hinges, patch fittings, sliding track, morties handle, door closing device, cabinet lifter, and glass sliding hardware series, to that of the handles locks. Besides these elegant hardware, Sapphire Corporation offers glass shower fittings also.

Sapphire Corporation offers door control hardware including door control units, door furniture, and locks. Sapphire Corporation is the Renox Products dealers for glass fittings and systems that comprises of furniture and fittings for glass doors. More than that, the Rinox hardware products include decorative and structural glass systems as well. Another wonderful range of Rinox hardware products include that of the automatic and revolving doors that includes the widely varied range of swing, sliding, and revolving doors.

Sapphire Corporation is the supplier of RINOX glass fittings and hardware in Chennai. Renowned as the pioneer in the concept of modular Glass Fittings for Frameless Cabins, Rinox has gained the respect of constructors, architects, and builders. Rinox has the complete range of glass fittings that can be applied for domestic or large corporate houses. The precision and perfection that Rinox is known for ensures that the glass fittings stay good even after subjected to heavy utility. Rinox glass fittings are not only appreciated for their unique styling but also for their high quality.

Customers can avail the unique opportunity of getting this high quality glass fitting products from Rinox at Sapphire Corporation, the top dealer for Rinox products in Chennai. Sapphire Corporation takes care of the support services and delivery of the products. The large godown with huge storage space for the glass fitting products ensures that customers are always delighted.

Application :

External appearance Hygiene Hygiene
Design and Architecture, Georgian Bars, Privacy, Spandrels Antibacterial Glass Acoustic, Thermal
Interior design Safety and Security Solar control
Colors, Geometric and figurative designs, Mirrors, Privacy, Safety, Transparency Bulletproof, Explosion-proof, Fire-resistant, Protection of goods, Protection of persons Solar control 
Light, transparency