Formulated with accurate composition, we are one of the excellent and leading manufacturers & suppliers of Polyurethane Sealant. Our range is resistant to temperatures and non-toxic & water proof in nature. Processed as per industrial standards using certified components, these sealants are perfect for sealing construction, expansion and dummy joints in taxi trucks, parking bays, runways rigid pavements, hangars, apron areas, trafficked joints and internal & external pedestrian. Clients can buy Polyurethane Sealant from us at affordable prices.

Product range we offer:

>> General purpose Silicone Sealant [GP300]
>> Weather Silicone Sealant [WS600]
>> Structural Silicone Sealant [SS900]


>> Good electrical insulation
>> High thermal stability
>> Water repelling properties
>> Oxygen, ozone and UV light resistance
>> Resistance to microbial growth
>> High chemical resistance

Sapphire Corporation offers the PU Sealant that conforms to the international standards. As the leading PU Sealant suppliers in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation has made it possible by associated with the global brands of PU Sealants.

PU Sealant offers the benefits of high elasticity and excellent abrasion properties when compared to others. This makes it perfect for a wide range of applications. Moreover, PU Sealant is resistant to temperatures besides being non-toxic and water proof, which makes them ideal for any applications that are subjected to the adverse effects of nature.

PU Sealants are used in flooring, concrete roads and pavements. It is also extensively used in concrete floor joints and other joint edges. The other area that finds an extensive utility for PU Sealant is that of the external walling, curtain walling and cladding. It is also used in the panel walls, cement fibre boards, and the gypsum plasterboards.

In fact, PU Sealant from Sapphire Corporation is a high performance sealant that is more cost effective sealing for construction joints or joint between other types of construction materials. Sapphire Corporation enjoys the unique position of being the most exclusive PU Sealant suppliers in Chennai. Sapphire Corporation offers the complete range of PU Sealants in Chennai.

The high quality of the PU Sealant and the accurate composition formula enables the PU Sealant to enjoy the unique name in the market as the perfect element for the construction. Sapphire Corporation is the leading building and construction material supplier in Chennai with a huge stock keeping capability of the wide range of PU Sealants available. On the other hand, Sapphire Corporation is the only supplier among the various PU Sealant suppliers in Chennai offering the most competitive pricing.

Customers from the construction and building industry have much-admired Sapphire Corporation for the high quality PU Sealants supplied in Chennai. For years, customers have stayed with Sapphire Corporation for the high quality products and the timely delivery to customers anywhere in Chennai.

The civil structures and other constructions have the advantage of using the PU Sealant. They can be perfect for filling and sealing joints in building construction. With its elastic and non-sagging properties to the fore, some of the other features of PU Sealant are that they are weather-resistant and water tight properties besides the excellent adhesion on even small wall cracks and gaps. Some of the advantages of PU Sealants is that they are used in the concrete, brick construction, block work, wall cracks and other types of cracks like that in water tanks.

PU sealants are known to provide excellent stress recovery and this helps in retaining the shape after being extensively subjected to applications. They have the fast curing rates and another great advantage is their even adherence to non-primed concrete.

Sapphire Corporation recommends proper application methods to be followed and insists customers, as a PU Sealant supplier with years of experience, to follow strictly to the code. This will help in achieving the desired results.