False Celling

Sapphire Corporation, a leading wholesale and retailer of building materials products, offers the best false ceiling. Unlike the traditional aluminum T Sections that goes with gypsum tiles, we have the most advanced products that impart aesthetic look to the interior. We offer our customers the best by identifying the leading manufacturers and state-of-the-art products. Sapphire Corporation is also the component supplier and dealer in Chennai for the false ceiling products.


With years of experience and customer satisfaction, we at Sapphire Corporation are familiar with the market trend and industrydomain. Based in Chennai, we are the niche industry leader in supplying hardware materials. As the leading dealer and distributor of the leading hardware brand, the Rinox KaufMann hardwares, we also provide steel cement material, hardware, paints, and other basic materials required for the construction industry. From the roofing sheets to wooden doors, we cover all the needs for construction.

Roofing Sheets

Sapphire Corporation is one of the most sought after distributors and suppliers of roofing sheets. We have earned this through our high quality products that are compliant with international standards and the relentless customer satisfaction that we have provided over years. The blend of strength and non-corrosive property of these roofing sheets has made them so much popular in many applications. Sapphire Corporation is the leading dealer in Chennai for branded roofing sheets that are used in both domestic and industrial applications.

Readymade Door

At Sapphire Corporation, Customers can find a vast collection of readymade doors, from traditional to modern doors, with each one preferably matching to your liking and style. On the quality front, Sapphire Corporation shall never compromise and hence we are the dealersin Chennai for the flush doors from Woodlands, the best branded doors.Apart from bringing an aesthetic look to the décor, our readymade doors will also add more value to the interior. We offer the entire range of interior doors, entry doors, patio doors, and modern decorative doors.


Apart from the Construction materials, Sapphire Corporation is the dealer and supplier of branded plywood. We are the leading supplier of all types of plywood in Chennai. Sapphire Corporation has earned a great reputation for supplying high quality plywood at a competitive pricing as well. This has indeed made us stay ahead in the industry for years. Other than retailers, we supply plywood to interior designers, construction companies, industrial applications, and architects.

Rinox kaufmann Hardwares

Sapphire Corporation, supplier of building materials in Chennai, has the pride to be the dealer of RinoxKaufmann, the world renowned stainless steel hardware. Crafted with the precision and the architectural excellence of German engineering, RinoxKaufmann hardware is matchless for the quality. With the availability of the complete range of hardware products by RinoxKaufmann, Sapphire Corporation ensures to satisfy the customer needs for high quality.

Color Coated Roofing Sheets

Recognized for our superior customer service and high quality product, Sapphire Corporation has been in the forefront of the industry for years. Sapphire Corporation is a leading trader and supplier of high quality building materials in Chennai. The Color Coated Roofing Sheets are available in various geometric designs for wide range of diverse applications and architectural prospective. Facilitating the convenient delivery of products to the end user, we have a spacious warehouse that can support huge storage and a potential team for safe transit of materials.

Flush Door

Individuals and industry specialists including architects, interior designers, builders, renovation contractors, home owners, and commercial property owners always prefer to avail the flush door from Sapphire Corporation, the leading dealer of building materials in Chennai. Recommended for high quality and durability, our flush doors are not only a craftsman marvel, but also add aesthetic value to the décor. Sapphire Corporation offers a wide range of flush doors that are termite resistant, dimensionally stable, and insect &borer proof.

Woodlands & Swastik Plywood

The needs and demands for an aesthetic interior have grown leaps and bounds in recent days. Sapphire Corporation offers the leading brand in plywood, Woodlands &Swastik Plywood. Versatile and ready to use, our plywood are the best choice for the customers. From interior designers to architects, carpenters and furniture manufacturers, everyone prefers Woodlands &Swastik Plywood. Sapphire Corporation is the leading dealer and supplier in Chennai for high quality Woodlands &Swastik Plywood.

Prelam Particle Board

Sapphire Corporation is the leading supplier and exporter of a wide range of Prelam Particle Board. As a successful trader of building material products in Chennai for years, Sapphire Corporation has carved a reputation for itself in the minds of the customers. The Prelam Particle Boards are not just versatile in utility, but also cost effective. Besides the durability, these boards are also endorsed with superior finish for aesthetic interiors as well.