Plywood Products

Sapphire Corporation is the best Plywood Products component suppliers and dealers in Chennai. The company supply high quality Plywood Products in your expected market rate. We are the most experienced building materials suppliers and wholesale stockiest in Chennai. Sapphire is the Leading wholesale and retailer of Plywood sales agency company in Chennai. All of our clients are satisfied about our products and on time delivery services.

Sapphire Corporation is positioned as the top supplier and distributor of plywood that are available in a choice of decorative facings and finishes.

Plywood is manufactured from wood veneer that is glued together. The adjacent layers of these glued wood veneers are oriented with a wood grain rotation of up to 90 degrees to one another. This makes the plywood hold more unique properties including improved dimensional stability, panel consistency across all directions, reduced warping and tendency of splitting at edges, durability, and above all usability to desired shapes.

Sapphire corporation offers both hardwood and softwood plywood. While the softwood plywood are made from wood veneers of coniferous species such as firs and pines, the hardwood plywood are made from wood veneers of deciduous species like maple, poplar, cherry, oak, and larch. Correspondingly, the applications for both these types also vary with the hardwood plywood used for designing furniture, cabinets, paneling, flooring, and doors, while the softwood plywood is used for wall siding, sheathing, roof decking, and floors.

When it comes to plywood, Sapphire Corporation offers the best-in-class branded plywood, and is by-far, the leading supplier of plywood in Chennai. The plywood products are used extensively in both the commercial and domestic settings to complement that of the modern, urban living. Offering plywood at competitive pricing, Sapphire Corporation holds the unique position as the top distributor of plywood in Chennai.

With the distribution of plywood available to all corners of Chennai, Sapphire Corporation has an outstanding inventory system to keep plywood stocks more than that required. Ideally suited to meet the needs of all customers including builders, interior decorators, architects, and furniture manufacturers, Sapphire Corporation has huge stocks of plywood in their spacious godown in Chennai.

With an obsessive commitment to excel in the industry, Sapphire Corporation is dedicated to serve the clients with unequaled quality and the industry’s best service. Unlike other foremost dealers of plywood in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation offers a wide selection of plywood that meets the various industrial purposes.

As a renowned dealer of plywood in Chennai, Sapphire Corporation offers a wide range of plywood products that offer cost-effective solutions for any applications. Adding to that is the fact that Sapphire Corporation offers the best customer service and quick delivery of plywood to anywhere in Chennai.

Sapphire Corporation offers natural wood veneer and composite veneer sheets of high quality. We are the dealers of Woodlands and Swastik plywood in Chennai. Contact our local sales or specification executive for samples or quotes that satisfy your custom requirements.