Explore the wide range of lacquered glasses available at Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and dealer of lacquer glasses in Chennai. Available in various colors and thickness, Sapphire Corporation has got it all.
Lacquer glasses offer limitless options in interior designing to create a new dimension to the interiors. The applications of lacquer glasses are wide, ranging from creating awesome retail spaces to imparting attractive colors to an otherwise common wall. From lobbies to inside lifts or the fashion kitchens, lacquer glasses are a symbol of beauty and performance. One of the unique features of the lacquer glasses is their resistance to humidity. This feature makes them more ideal for using in bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from that, lacquered glasses are also commonly used for wall-paneling which can be seen in offices, hotels, shops and museums. In homes, lacquered glasses are often used for wardrobe and cupboard doors as well as in furniture.
Sapphire Corporation supplies the best lacquered glasses to wholesalers, dealers, suppliers, retailers, and even individual customers. Our quality lacquered glasses are highly resistant to damage, ensuring more durability.
Lacquered glasses from Sapphire Corporation can be customized according to the requirement. In commercial usage, cold-decorative printing or logo printing or pattern printing can be easily achieved. Our lacquered glasses can also be sandblasted or engraved with ease to achieve the trendy and desired effect.

Lacquer glasses at Sapphire Corporation

• Availability of limitless color options at Sapphire Corporation enables architects and interior decorator to realize their dreams
• Our lacquer glasses comes in long lasting and vibrant colors that do not fade in time
• With more consciousness on the environment, Sapphire Corporation ensures that the lacquer glasses we supply are made of eco friendly and recyclable material
• Elegant and contemporary finish of our lacquer glasses makes it ideal for a wide range of architectural designing
• Sapphire Corporation offers lacquer glasses that scratch proof and resistant to any hard applications, making it ideal for using in heavy traffic areas too
• High quality lacquer glasses that can be subjected to cutting, drilling, grinding, beveling, and edge working makes it easier for architects and decorators to comfortably work on

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