We also offer flush doors from Woodlands. These doors are sturdy and long lasting. They are manufactured with selected seasoned timber, pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde resin under the cross bonding process. This renders the flush doors dimensionally stable, termite resistant and moisture proof.

Woodlands Doors for interior & exterior applications is boiling water proof. This ensures that it can resist the vagaries of weather, and does not undergo delamination or swelling. It is made from well seasoned hardwood as filler material. Anti-termite and anti-fungus chemical are used to put up resistance against termites & fungi.

Sapphire Corporation, one of the prime building material suppliers in Chennai,offers a unique experience for the customers by providing best customer service. One should discover this experience by utilizing the expertise and support by Sapphire Corporation, the leading flush door dealer in Chennai. Sapphire Corporation is the name that comes to the mind of numerous building constructors, engineers, and architects, who are dedicated to the advancement of new and creatively designed flush doors in Chennai.

Customers can be pretty surely assured that each and every flush door purchased, a team of experts are being the product testing to ensure the best performance. For years, Sapphire Corporation has led the industry in supplying the fine flush doors in Chennai. We are committed to being the best supplier of flush door and would welcome the patronage of customers.

At every stage of our development from being the small business startup to the top flush door suppliers, we think that our dedication towards customer satisfaction is the one behind the story. We sincerely appreciate the unparallel consideration from the customers for our flush door in Chennai.

Sapphire Corporation is the flush door dealers of Woodlands, the brand well known for the durability, sturdiness and long lasting. The flush doors are made from selected seasoned timber, pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde resin under the cross bonding process, which renders themmore dimensional stability, termite resistance, and moisture proof property.

One of the greatest advantages of flush doors supplied by Sapphire Corporation is that the Woodlands doors are boiling water proof, which makes them withstand the vagaries of weather. The flush doors do not undergo delamination or swelling and remains new for a long time to come. Another benefit is that the flush doors are resistant against termites and fungi, making them the most sought after flush doors in the industry. Not just that, our flush doors are sturdier to combat climatic and work area hazards.

While other flush door dealers in Chennai promise strong flush doors, Sapphire Corporation leaps a step forward to claim of dimensionally more stable flush doors in Chennai. Made from the highest grade of component materialssuch as seasoned and chemically treated timber, the flush doors are crafted with the most modern equipment and architectural manufacturing techniques.Ultimate in pattern, design, and performance, each flush door at Sapphire Corporation are also time tested to make sure that they meet the heavy duty requirements and the most demanding applications.

The wide range of flush doors at our spacious godown provides the access to our customers in deciding over a variety of designs, finishes, and colors. From a simple doorway to a perfect solution for areas that demand something unique and aesthetic, we have all the flush doors. And in combination with glass panels, these flush doors looks so great that surely they are a must-have in your house or office.

Standard Sizes:
1905 mm X 700 mm 2005 mm X 900 mm
2005 mm X 700 mm  2005 mm X 1100 mm (Double Leaf Shutter)
1905 mm X 800 mm
Standard Thickness:
25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm