We also offer flush doors from Woodlands. These doors are sturdy and long lasting. They are manufactured with selected seasoned timber, pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde resin under the cross bonding process. This renders the flush doors dimensionally stable, termite resistant and moisture proof.

Woodlands Doors for interior & exterior applications is boiling water proof. This ensures that it can resist the vagaries of weather, and does not undergo delamination or swelling. It is made from well seasoned hardwood as filler material. Anti-termite and anti-fungus chemical are used to put up resistance against termites & fungi.

Standard Sizes:
1905 mm X 700 mm 2005 mm X 900 mm
2005 mm X 700 mm  2005 mm X 1100 mm (Double Leaf Shutter)
1905 mm X 800 mm
Standard Thickness:
25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm