Belgium Glass

We offer original Belgium technology glass which we are able to cut to size and process to your requirements. The Glaverbel brand glass is manufactured with original Belgium technology. We stock reflecting and tinted glass.

Today's technology means glass can provide protection from heat, cold, noise, fire, injury and more. Multiple functions can even be combined in one and the same glazing. They are also used in interior and exterior applications, e.g. doors, partitions, wall coverings, tables, roofs, windows and more.

Welcome to Sapphire Corporation, the leading Belgium Glass suppliers in Chennai. We are the largest Belgium Glass dealer, serving the industry with the complete range of Belgium Glass products. Sapphire Corporation is quite established in the building and construction industry to be well placed as the Belgium Glass suppliers serving customers of both the residential and commercial property owners in Chennai.

As an aspiring industrial leader for Belgium Glass dealers, Sapphire Corporation offers the Glaverbel brand glass that is manufactured with original Belgium technology. Each and every Belgium Glass product that we offer are perfectly cut to size and processed according to the requirements of the customers. Utilizing the advanced technology for cutting and shaping the Belgium Glass, we are able to achieve the precision that customers look for.

Belgium Glass was once used for only certain purposes. But with the advancement in the technology, the manufacturing of Belgium Glass through original Belgium technology has changed the scenario. From that of the reflecting and tinted glass, we stock all the wide range of Belgium Glass available in the market.

Today, Glass is not just considered for the decorative and architectural elements, but glass has become the integral part of solution for the protection from heat, cold, noise, and fire. Thus Belgium Glass is used in more than many multiple functions and is used in both the interior and exterior applications. In addition to these applications, Belgium Glass is also used in the making of doors, partitions, tables, roofs, windows, and wall coverings.

Sapphire Corporation offers the complete range of Belgium Glass in Chennai with any desired geometric and figurative designs. Besides the privacy, and safety elements, Belgium Glass is also used in more specific applications today. Sapphire Corporation, as the leading Belgium Glass dealer, offers Belgium Glass in Chennai under the category of bulletproof, explosion-proof, fire-resistant, and solar control as well.

Sapphire Corporation always ensures that the best quality Belgium Glass is delivered. Sapphire Corporation has a huge storage space for stock keeping all the building and construction materials. More specifically, we have a separate space for keeping Belgium Glass. This makes it easy for customers to choose from the wide range of Belgium Glass that we have. Moreover, the special storage system at Sapphire Corporation makes it possible for quicker and timely delivery of Belgium Glass to anywhere in Chennai.

Application :

External appearance Hygiene Hygiene
Design and Architecture, Georgian Bars, Privacy, Spandrels Antibacterial Glass Acoustic, Thermal
Interior design Safety and Security Solar control
Colors, Geometric and figurative designs, Mirrors, Privacy, Safety, Transparency Bulletproof, Explosion-proof, Fire-resistant, Protection of goods, Protection of persons Solar control 
Light, transparency