Sapphire Corporation provides optimum insulating solution for your building, be it roofing assemblies or wall solutions. In an attempt to provide the best thermal insulation solution, we have brought in extruded polystyrene foam installation experts into our team. These experts offer the best solution with their suggestions for optimizing the building design. Armed with the tool kit of experience and expertise in thermal insulation, Sapphire Corporation offers the best advantage in the construction industry. Sapphire Corporation offers the best technical advice to engineers and building contractors for roofing or wall construction in building. We offer the best high density insulation products, particularly 25mm-extruded-polystyrene-foam that insulates the building from heat and thermal radiation. Besides product range, our smart solutions include technical tips for constructing and improving the standards of your building. We also offer solutions for the maintenance of roofing systems and building construction. As Chennai’s leading supplier and dealer of 25mm-extruded-polystyrene-foam, Sapphire Corporation understands the need of quality products that are sustainable and eco-friendly as well. In fact, Sapphire Corporation supplies the best quality 25mm-extruded-polystyrene-foam that are often used in large scale commercial applications.

Special features of 25mm extruded polystyrene foam from Sapphire Corporation

• 25mm extruded polystyrene foam is best in insulating floors of home and building structures
• Resistance to harsh weather conditions of moisture and temperature makes 25mm extruded polystyrene foam ideal for a wide range of construction applications
• Sapphire Corporation offers 25mm extruded polystyrene foam in customized and desired sizes so that it is easy to install
• Low moisture absorbing factor of 25mm extruded polystyrene foam makes it ideal for versatile building and construction applications
• Light weight, yet strong and highly durable, 25mm extruded polystyrene foam is used in concrete and masonry buildings as well as in commercial high rise buildings
• Environmental-friendly in nature, 25mm extruded polystyrene foams from Sapphire Corporation does not degrade into harmful chemicals or contaminate ground water

With a wide range of applications in the construction industry, 25mm extruded polystyrene foam plays a vital role in the thermal insulation of buildings, be it residential or commercial. Visit Sapphire Corporation, the leading supplier and dealer of branded 25mm extruded polystyrene foam in Chennai to choose the best desired product of your choice.